coco substrates
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Specialised in coco since 2003

UGroLab = UGro + Laboratory

UGroLab is a premium quality coconut substrate, specially designed in the laboratory to meet your needs. It is a natural, biodegradable and sustainable. The substrate is obtained by crushing and processing the outermost shell of the coconut and can be used as an alternative option to the more traditional substrates.

Variety of structures

You can choose one of our predefined structures or request the development of a customised product according to your specifications.

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Five packing formats

For more flexibility and to accommodate customer’s needs, we offer five different packing formats: Disk, Brick, Bale, Pot
and Slab.

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Custom packaging

You can order UGroLab substrates in bulk and then apply your customised packaging and labeling, or you can entrust this work to us.

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UGroLab is a brand of Simply Organic S.L.